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International tourism fair

International tourism fair- PLACE2GO

Place2go will be held for a period of three days in Zagreb, Croatia. This international expo will make the travel and tourism professionals and travel agents aware of the modern techniques and latest trends. These techniques and trends will help in the advancement of travel and tourism industry. This expo will bring forward the contemporary changes which are taking place in the travel and tourism industry. The useful changes which will help in the expansion of travel and tourism industry will also be highlighted in this event. Place2go will bring together tour operators, travel professionals and travelers. This expo will give an opportunity to the tour operators, travel professionals and travel agents to interact and communicate with each other which will give rise to new ideas.

This year, exhibitors from 19 different countries will encourage visitors curiosity, enthusiasm for travelling through visual experience of destinations, but also through many interesting presentations, tastes and scents of worlds famous cuisines in Gastro Street, and bought souvenir on Place2go market.

Let this year’s Place2go be inspiration for new journey, new adventure and new friendships. Do not have prejudice; do not limit yourself with standards. Experience, explore, enjoy…

And as Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said: “Journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”, we hope your first step would be Place2go fair.