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Book stands at the fair

Interliber- the 39th International Book and Teaching Appliances Fair

Imagine a place in which you can see only books, books and a little bit more books. ... well welcome to the book fairy tale  This venue is called Interliber and is held in Zagreb every fall.

Interliber is a book fair held inside Zagreb Fair complex, inside of the pavilions 5 and 6. Before enjoying your night at Lobagola B&B, buy a book from most prominent Croatian publishers who often sell their books at a lower prices than usual. Beside the market, you can visit book signings, promotions of new books and even a programme of scientific culture.

Second hand books are also available for purchase, so if you're flea market fan as we are, this is your chance !

This year Interliber will be held from 8th until 13th of November. Special venue as a part of this years Inteliber in 2016 is Beijing fair which will represent Chinese literature and organise national literary exhibition of the People's Republic of China.