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First festival of light in Zagreb

Festival of light in Zagreb

Be among the first ones to experience the Festival of Lights in Zagreb! For the first time in Croatia, from March 16th till March 19th this attractive audio-visual manifestation takes place on some of the most attractive locations in Zagreb.

Magical light installations are awaiting you on seven spots on Upper Town, starting each day around 6PM till 11 PM.

Locations that will transform its usual state into illuminating one are tunnel Grič, which will become Magic Forest with the sounds of nature and Lotrščak Tower that will become Lighthouse. Also you can take a look at Vranyczany Plateau with object „Twisted“. Take a stroll through Tomićeva street and enjoy in a waterfall made of glowing spheres with special coloristic effects. At plateu Gradec there will be a laser spectacle. At Gallery Klovićevi dvori you can win a prize if you pass through a laser maze. And finally, on Jezuit Squere enjoy in „Spring Fairytale“ with double 3D mapping projections that are inspired by Spring.

Spring is the main theme of the festival because spring symbolizes the awakening, growth and renaissance, therefore each of the locations will try to evoke the springtime through light performances.

Entrance ia absolutely free, so there is no exuse to miss this spectacle.