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EU Heirtage Days in Krapje

European heritage days in Krapje

European Heritage Days will be held in Krapje on the 26th and 27th September where you can admire the traditional wooden houses of Posavina, and enjoy folk songs and dances that cultural and artistic associations, which will participate at the event, will introduce to all the vistors.

In addition to traditional costumes and dance, visitors will be able to see the works of art within the art colony and also the old traditional dishes and decorations found in traditional Posavina homes, as well as enjoy the music performed by the band called "Lađari" from Davor.

Cycling race, a boat ride or a canoe?!

For those who prefer to spend a more active day,  there will be traditional cycling race which starts in Novska and the route leads through Jasenovac to Krapja within which participants are able to enjoy the beautiful nature od Lonjsko polje, which is one of the last floodplains in Europe .

After that, the ride can be taken by boat on the Sava River or by canoes on the creek Strug where one can see the untouched nature and many species of birds and other animals for which Lonjsko polje is a natural habitat.