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Design District Zagreb 2016

Design District Zagreb

The Festival will be held from June 16th to 19th, while a number of other activities will take place with the goal of continuous long-term improvement of the quality of life of the neighbourhood’s residents.

The Festival Design District Zagreb and the expanded project under the same name were created with the idea of uniting the communication of all existent creative initiatives concentrated in the central urban zone whose artery is Martićeva street. Although until recently it was known for its many shops related to the auto industry, the neighbourhood enclosed by Šubićeva, Zvonimirova, Račkoga, Draškovićeva and Vlaška street has spontaneously transformed its urban identity in recent years, and today it is flourishing thanks to ever more present and propulsive creative community of this part of the city.

This multilayered and multidisciplinary project indicates the potential of the neighbourhood’s cooperation between its creative and responsible entrepreneurial ventures to affirm the production of culture and tourism as a fuel for the development of the city.  In addition advocates design and other creative activities as those which encourage structural changes useful for the development of cultural, craft and manufacturing production, and to help the transition from a traditional economy towards a creative, sustainable and innovative economy.