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Zrinjevac park

City of Zagreb Day, 31.05.2015.

The 31st of May is an important time for residents of Zagreb, as their hometown then celebrates its official day. In order to enjoy this “city birthday,“ several attractions and events were organized completely free of charge. Here is the lineup for Zagreb’s birthday party below.

 A tour around Zagreb’s center took place several times during the day. During the walk through Zagreb’s center, those on the tour had the opportunity to meet the characters from the “Zagreb Time Machine” as well as various street musicians.

The Kravat  soldiers changed their watch on St. Mark’s Square (Trg Svetog Marka) at noon, and walked their usual route through Zagreb’s streets. In gorgeous Zrinjevac park, the brass orchestra of ZET (the company which takes care of the city traffic, including its recognizable blue trams) staged a concert in the pretty musical pavilion.

Visitors who wanted to experience Zagreb riding in a cabriolet bus had a chance to do so for free.

The stateliest part of the celebration was a a religious procession which started with a Roman Catholic Mass in Zagreb’s cathedral at 7:00 p.m., after which attendants waled to the Stone Gate (Kamenita Vrata) and prayed for the bright future of Zagreb and all its friends, guests and locals.

In other words, everyone was invited to the party!