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Screening of bicycle documentaries

Bike documentaries

The Electrical Engineering Student Club or KSET is a student association founded by students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Zagreb, and plays an active role in the social life of the University of Zagreb, as well as of Zagreb in general. Besides being a live music hotspot, the club's little space (at Unska 3) often offers various mini-festivals, film screenings and workshops.

This Thursday 18th December, 2014, KSET announced its days of bike documentaries with the screening of "Autarcies - A Spanish Odyssey“. The films shows a family of four riding on a tandem through Spain and France to investigate ecovilages and autonomous communities, facing the challenges of dealing with 2 daughters (4 year old and 7 month old), heat, storms, ups and downs, food, shelter, sleep, life, the universe.

Check out the film's trailer here. Although the film's in French, there will be English subtitles. Grab some popcorns and a glass of mulled wine and enjoy the film!