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Subversive Festival in Zagreb

8th Subversive Festival in Zagreb

The Subversive Festival is an annual international fortnight of political, activist, cultural, educational, literary and artistic events that takes place in Zagreb, Croatia every May. Its activities are divided into the Subversive Film Festival (which was the official name of the festival until 2011), the Subversive Forum, the Balkan Forum and the Subversive Book Fair. Although founded as a film festival, today the Subversive Festival consists of a selection of films, lectures, debates and round tables held in Cinema Europe (or Kino Europa).

Each annual edition is specifically themed, addressing key historical processes or turning points and subsequent politically, economically and socially relevant issue(s). The former are being exposed both through cinematic and artistic practices, but also through critical commentaries given on the conference alongside, thus bringing together leading intellectuals of various disciplinary profiles and social identities.

The 8th Subversive Festival is taking place from 3 to 16 May in Zagreb under the title “The Spaces of Emancipation – Micropolitics and Revolutions“. Over 50 films will be screened within the film program, while other  sections of the festival will host more than a hundred theorists, authors, artists, filmmakers and activists, as well as political-activist groups, organizations and individuals. 

This year's program includes:

Film festival: 3-9 May in Europa Cinema, Tuškanac Cinema, Grič Cinema, KIC

International Conference: 10-16 May in Europa Cinema

Subversive Forum: 11-16 May in ZKM

The Engaged Literature Fair: 10-16 May in Europa Cinema

The School of Contemporary Humanities in SubLit Caffe, Subversive PEN and other accompanying events.


For more info see the officialSubversive Festival website.