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Summer Cinema Tuskanac in Zagreb

5th Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival

You're probably wondering: what’s so fantastic about this festival? Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival is the only fantastic film festival in the region and the first open-air film festival, offering screenings in magical Tuškanac Summer Cinema and Medvedgrad! The festival brings special cinematic treats to all fans of fantastic and related genres – science fiction, horror, thriller, mystery, experimental etc. In nine days of the Festival, from 26 June to 4 July, visitors will get to watch a number of intriguing and interesting films from both new and acknowledged authors.

The first edition of Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival was held in 2011 as an announcement of the bigger edition in 2012. In the second edition the organizers managed to open the long forgotten Tuškanac Summer Cinema which was closed for over 40 years. Tuškanac Summer Cinema is located in the middle of the woods and only walking distance from the city’s center.  With its mystic atmosphere ideal for fantastic films it proved to be a great venue for the festival.

This year’s edition of Fantastic Zagreb brings you plenty of film gems and is held on these locations: Tuškanac Summer Cinema, Europa Cinema, Cinestar Zagreb-Branimir Centar and Medvednica’s old fortress Medvedgrad. There’s also an additional program of panel discussions, workshops and lectures.

Check out the festival’s rich program on the official website, and enjoy some fantastic films!