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Winter Stores Fair in Zagreb

1st Fair of Winter Stores held in Zagreb,Croatia

From 16 to 18 October, Ban Jelačić Square in the very heart of Zagreb became a big farmers market, with 77 farmers from all Croatian counties taking part in the first edition of the Winter Food Fair and Local Produce Exhibition.

The fair included small family farms which produce honey, olive and pumpkin seed oil, as well as organic farmers, and the stands featured meat products, homemade garlic, goat cheese, turkeys from Hrvatsko Zagorje, and many other Croatian delicacies. The aim of the event, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and the City of Zagreb, was to facilitate direct interaction between producers and consumers, and to revive the tradition of preparation of food for winter period, which is an age-old tradition in Croatia. The whole event also included a conference on food safety in the region.

The fair was  technically organized the Croatian Association of Young Farmers, whose president Jan Marinac pointed out that this was a good opportunity for young farmers to gain new experiences.