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19th Zagreb's International Comics Festival

19th Zagreb's International Comics Festival

The 19th Zagreb International Comics Festival is being held from 13th-15th of May at the Croatian Association of Artists (HDLU).

This is a free, two-day event celebrating the illustrated word that takes place annually in the croatian capital. The Comic Book Festival features publishers, vendors, film screenings, panels, special guests and much more.

Zagreb’s international comic con may not be one of the biggest of the bunch, but it takes full advantage of that. The authors and the public mix together in informal conversations and drinks.

There’s no strict separation between the stars and up and coming artists and you can feel that energy from the moment you set foot in Croatian Association of Artist’s gallery (HDLU).

It will be one of the most remembered editions.

There are going to be twelve international guests this years, with legends such as Hermann (Jeremiah) and Alfredo Castelli ( Martin Mystere) being guests of honour.

Of course, there’s going to be exhibitions, lectures, panel discussions, drawings for public, a comic book fair and much other comic related content on the festival. The festival is entirely free.

This surely is one of the most exciting events that are taking place this year in Zagreb! It would be a pity not to take part!