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Mural on Dolac farmers market

The new mural adorns the "scenery" of Dolac farmers market and surrounding houses since the last June.

French visual artist, photographer, and filmmaker Julien de Casabianca continued his street art project "Outings" in Zagreb, where he made a new work of art along with the citizens. A work of art inspired by the painting My Nest (Moje gnijezdo), from Vlaho Bukovac, well-known Croatian modernist representative, reinterpreting it in the recognizable Bukovac's impressionist style, is left in "permanent ownership" to the citizens, beautifying the already beautiful Zagreb corner.

The Outings project started three years ago when he accidentally met Ingres' Portrait of the "Mademoiselle Riviere" from 1806, which was a bit forgotten in the labyrinths of Louvre. Julien was inspired by the feelings that overwhelmed him at that moment: "She was beautiful, she looked lost and seemed to be bored among other great paintings. I had the momentum of a charming prince, I wanted to release her from the box and from the museum. "

The first project collage was created in Paris, after which he took out a hundred other portraits from the museum and "scattered" the streets around the world, linking street art and photography.

Casabianca first chooses a portrait from the museum, finds an interesting wall for his installation and photographs his installation for the closing exhibition, but tries to include the citizens of the countries in which he creates in the whole process.

"He firmly believes in the engagement of citizens throughout the process, and organizing workshops in numerous cities around the world encourages residents to connect with collections of their museums."

The reactions of the Zagreb citizens are excellent, and we certainly hope that more of these works will be captured on the facades of Zagreb's historical and cultural sites.