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Museum of Illusions

We recieve 90 percent of information from world around us by our sight. And we are sure that things are just the way we see them. But they are not because there are numerous of optical illusions. Some of them you are able to discover in Museum of Illusions, located in Ilica street, not far from the Ban Jelačić Square.

Beside optical illusions, which are in form of images, you can see illusions in form of installations, but also enter rooms which are whole one big illusion. Lose yourself in Infinity Room or become giant in Ames Room. Fun fact, technique of Ames Room was used to make all kinds of creatures while filming The Lord of the Rings. The museum is open every day, from 9 AM until 10 PM. Ticket for adult costs 40,00 KN and for children 25,00 KN. If you are family with two adults and small child, you can buy family ticket for 100,00 KN.