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Museum of Broken Relationships

Museum of Broken Relationships

The Museum of Broken Relationships is not your typical museum. The name itself can be misleading – some Lobagola's guests were quite surprised to find out that this museum is not about the 1990s and broken relationships among former Yugoslavian republics :)

This museum is about romantic relationships and it actually celebrates those romantic relationships that have come to an end. While most people would like to forget all about their failed relationships, artists Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić came up with the idea of an exhibition after their own relationship ended, as a way of expressing the pain. They joked that they should make a museum out of the trappings of the time spent together. A couple of years later and they did exactly that – their first display consisting of 40 items collected by their friends was exhibited in Zagreb in 2006. Since then the exhibition has been travelling around the globe, while in 2010 it got a permanent residence in Zagreb’s Upper Town.

Although the idea was born in Croatia, the exhibition travelled around the world, allowing everyone to donate things from their failed love affairs they decided to give up. This unique concept behind the Museum of Broken Relationships involves an exhibition everyone can relate to and makes the museum the world’s most intimate one. Every exhibit is an anonymous reminder of a failed relationship, with specific dates, location and a description of the object’s significance. Some exhibits are sad, some are funny – and it's not just teddy bears and love letters, but there are some really exciting pieces and unusual objects such as axes or a small bottle containing the tears someone cried after their relationship broke up.

Don’t miss out on this fascinating exhibition when visiting Zagreb! The Museum of Broken Relationships is placed in Ćirilometodska 2 and it’s open every day from 9 am to 9 pm in winter and from 9 am to 10.30 pm in summer.

Tickets: 25 kuna / 20 kuna for students, seniors, people with disabilities

For more info visit the official website of the Museum of Broken Relationships