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Matija Gubec

Matija Gubec bust on the Upper Town

Matija Gubec (ca. 1548 – 15 February 1573) with his real name Ambroz Gubec (or Gobec), was a Croatian revolutionary, best known as a leader of the Croatian-Slovenian peasant revolt. He was part of the court of three people that governed the rebels. Matija Gubec led the peasant army during its last stand at the Battle of Stubičko Polje on 9 February 1573. The reasons for the revolt were many but the main reason is that the noble man Franjo Tahi started to bully the pesants and he fought with other nobles for land. After the emperor refused to help the pesants they started the revolt. Before the battle he made a speech trying to convince the men that only victory could bring them freedom, while the defeat would bring more misery. After the defeat he was captured and taken to Zagreb. On 15 February he was publicly tortured, being forced to wear a red-hot iron crown, cruelly dragged along the streets of the city, pinched with red-hot iron pincers, and was subsequently quartered. Today there is a bust of Matija Gubec on the corner of St. Marks square and Ćirilometodska street.