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Hrelic flea market

Hrelić Flea Market

The main second-hand market in Zagreb, popularly known as Hrelić, takes place every Sunday and to be honest we cannot tell you what you are going to find there, because you never know. :) Although not at the level of flea markets in Western Europe, it is worth a visit if you want to experience a non-touristic side of Zagreb.

Usually there are piles of second-hand clothes, old books, comic books, old furniture, computers, scratched CDs, LPs, porcelain dolls and military medals – and if you look really closely, you can find some unusual and interesting rarities. Besides being packed with lots of goodies, Hrelić is truly an exhibition of the Croatian reality: a place where everybody sells everything and where unbelievable bargains and findings can be made. Don’t expect anything fancy from this old school flea market – there’s dust, there’s some junk and lots of people shouting trying to sell their stuff :)

If you want to visit Hrelić, you have to get up early, since a lot of sellers start packing their things around noon. The market is located a bit out of Zagreb downtown, approximately 15 minutes by car. If you don’t have a car, take trams no 6/7/8, get out south of river Sava and walk on the embankment till you see the market. It is surely an interesting way to spend a Sunday morning in Zagreb!


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