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Skrgatic traditional hat production

Hats Škrgatić

Having a 140-year long family tradition “Hats Škrgatić“ is the oldest hat artisan production in Zagreb. Family Škrgatić has been producing handmade caps, hats and other head dresses in the most different shapes and colors which are the result of family artisan skills passed from generation to generation. Their hats and caps, including linen, bands or ornaments/accessories, are handcrafted and manually sewed. So, all products are 100% handmade. “Hats Škrgatić“ use only the best quality natural materials like wool and rabbit fur and are considered to be at the very top of artisan production in terms of manufacture and quality.

While the foundations for hat production were laid down by Gabriel Vanek in Srijemska Mitrovica in 1870, today the business is in the hands of Darko Škrgatić who is the 6th generation to carry on the long standing family tradition of hat and cap artisan production.

Check out their products on their website and give their hats a try at their shop in Heinzelova 2a.

Fun fact: For his performance in Zagreb in July 2014, famous actor and singer Hugh Laurie received a custom made hat by Darko Škrgatić. Check out the hat in the video! :)