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Of animals and people

Of animals and people exibition

On Saturday, April 22, 2017, on Earth Day, the Ethnographic Museum of Zagreb opens an exhibition "Of animals and people".

Animals and people have a long shared history. There is hardly any area of human activity, but it is not permeated by the mutual relationship between humans and animals, either in real or symbolic terms. Animals are everywhere, visible and invisible: in parks, zoos, laboratories, circuses, slaughterhouses, homes, books, movies or pictures.

With the exhibition, Ethnographic Museum wants to show how history, our feelings and behavior towards animals within our social environment have changed, as well as those in the natural environment. Why do we associate with some animals, we're afraid of some or despise them, others we worship or eat, dress or torture? By questioning our relationship with animals, we also come to question of what being a man today means. How does society define what is humane and what challenges does the future hold?

The aim of the exhibition is to present the historical relationship between man and animals actively and engaged. Along with the exhibition will be organized a whole range of educational and scientific-popular programs for the widest audience of all ages.

In the first pet-friendly museum in Croatia, your pets are welcome also.

The exhibition will remain open until November 12, 2017.