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Dolac food market

Dolac Market

Dolac Market is the biggest and the most popular open-air food market in Zagreb. Located in the center of the city, just a few steps from the main city square, Dolac is also known as "the belly of Zagreb". Interested in trying some fresh homemade cheese, sour cream, or some organic veggies and fruit? This is the place that will surely fulfill your fantasies.

An interesting detail of the market is the statue on top of the stairways leading to Dolac -  the statue of "kumica", a woman with a woven basket on her head. The statue commemorates thousands and thousands of women who came to the city with their baskets full of products from their gardens and farms.

In order to pay tribute to "kumica", women dressed in Prigorje folk costume come to Dolac to revive the memory of thousands of hard working women who fed Zagreb over the centuries.

On Dolac Market there is also a fish market and meat market, and we highly recommend trying the traditional Croatian sausage called ‘kulen’.

Besides food, you can also find wooden children’s toys that are recognizable traditional products of Hrvatsko Zagorje with a long history. Handmade toys represent pure imagination in hard form. Traditionally only made by men and then painted by women and there are around 50 different types. Each piece is unique because everything is done by hand so when you buy one you can be sure you own one of a toy :) .

Traditional handmade wooden toys make a perfect souvenir that will remind you of Croatia and the country's toy making tradition, which has been included in the UNESCO Intagible Cultural Heritage List in 2009.

As part of Lobagola B&B Zagreb bicycle tours we visit Dolac Maket and sample local fresh food and organic products. Check out our website for more info about our guided bike tours and experience Zagreb by bicycle! Join us for an extra mile of your smile :)