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Mihaela Marković collection

Croatian knitting fashion designer Mihaela Markovic

Sometimes fashion surprises us with it's new directions that have been rediscovered. Mihaela Markovic, a young fashion designer and great fan of all kinds of art (photography, dance, film, painting, music, graphic design), chose fashion as the main field of her creative expression.

Having graduated from the Marangoni Institute of Milan and having graduated from Nottingham, she currently resided in native Croatia where he launched her fashion line simply named Mihaela Marković. In parallel, she offers her creations to the Wolf & Badger online shop and is designing for the Croatian textile and sportswear manufacturer Cro Sport.

For Mihaela, art and fashion are inexhaustible. She always wanted to be what she is today – a fashion designer. On her masters degree in England, she specializes in the field of knitting. Her love for knitting has been inherited from her mother. Michaela is fascinated with some traditional activities that are no longer popular today, but they are still appreciated. Knitting is one of them. Mihaela uses the services of women from Uskoplje, the singers who work on old Balkan area looms. The knitting originates from the area of Gornji Vakuf, where Mihaela's father comes from, and the tradition is well preserved today.

She chose Croatia for her fashion field: to get active about raising awareness of how important it is to know when you buy something where it was produced, under what conditions, who produced it, and so on. Mihaela says "People should be interested in exactly what they buy. 85% of the workers in the fashion industry are women, so when you as a modern young woman buy an item and don't know exactly the origin of the purchased item, you will often support the frightening conditions under which these women live and work. You should inform yourself. Many world designers today want their production process to be right, not just to focus on mass production."

The last collection is called Clothes that my mother wore. She wanted to create a collection of pieces that were not captured in the current trend, but which would be attractive for ten to twenty years. Modern classic with some shift.

"Mihaela Markovic's mission is to create high quality knitwear for people who want pieces they can connect with, forming emotional bonds through the process of wearing. Bespoke, special pieces that reflect an individuals’ characteristics and choices, potentially becoming a family heirloom and being appreciated over time just like good wine.

Studio Markovic is also part of the slow-fashion movement. Every year, the fast fashion phenomenon has led to tonnes of fabric ending up in our landfills depleting natural resources and causing damage to our environment. We want people to buy less, buy better quality and thus buy independent. We encourage people to take responsibility for their actions, and not to be only spectators in their lives."