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Art Park Zagreb

8 Days of Creative Documentaries at Art Park

In eight pleasant summer evenings, from 25th July until 1st August, you will be able to watch interesting documentaries of Croatian and foreign authors - absolutely free!

Collaboration has been achieved between the KineDok project and Art Park Zagreb to ensure that creative documentaries are upgraded to the established cinematic standards and are available for viewing at alternative locations. KineDok is a new type of international community, a unique movie club, and an alternative distribution platform that combines lovers and creators of creative documentary films. Art Park proved to be another good idea in their series, and you will be able to view 8 selected documentaries from their catalog.

Projections begin every day at 9 pm and in the next order:

25.7. TUESDAY - "Tourism"

26.7. WEDNESDAY - "NK Roma"

27.7. THURSDAY - "Kain's Children"

28.7. FRIDAY - "Duration - Expired"

29.7. SATURDAY - "Steam above the River"

30.7. SUNDAY - "The Queen of Silence"

31.7. MONDAY - "The End of the World"

1.8. TUESDAY - "With Grandpa to the Moon"

Come and see intriguing stories about people like you, with people like you. :) Drink beer, eat popcorn and enjoy.

For those of you who are not familiar with Zagreb's Art Park, it's an open art gallery in the park and a place to spend your day. Hidden deep in the city center it welcomes anyone whose intentions are to have a good time, relax, meet friendly peers, learn new stuff and enjoy in some creativity. 

Located between Strossmayer walkway and Ilica Street, Art Park was a host to world-class street artists – aka Meeting of Styles festival organized as a part of 11th Festival of Tolerance. They decorated the walls of Art Park with their visual creations last May. Also, in the park you'll be able to see Nikola Faller's (Udruga slama) giant instalations made entirely from dry straws.

Find out more about this on Art Park Zagreb's Facebook event.