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IN Music Festival 2016

IN Music Festival 2016

This year's Inmusic will be held in the dates 20th-22nd of June.

Inmusic is the biggest open-air festival in Croatia and has an ever growing popularity among people from all over Europe – and even more! The festival is located on three beautiful islands of lake Jarun, of which two are reserved for. INmusic is hailed as one of the best festivals in Europe and features performances by numerous music legends from around the globe.

One big attraction is reserved for the visitors. Zagreb's INmusic festival is set to build a one of a kind festival stage, dedicated to pay tribute to David Bowie and Nikola Tesla, which will be operating within a 100ft tall construction replica of the original Tesla's Wardenclyffe tower. The Tesla Tower Stage at INmusic festival will be the first of its kind ever built in the world exactly 99 years after the historic original was torn down in 1917 in Long Island, New York.

Moreover, David Bowie portrayed Tesla in Christopher Nolan's 2006 feature film "The Prestige". Bowie was perfectly cast to play the misunderstood genius whose mind was enchanted by cosmic energies and hopes for mankind. Tesla was one of the last movie roles Bowie played and the perfect fit of these two charismatic individuals on the silver screen still lingers on for many fans of either of the greats.

Some of the names of the this year's festival are: The Heavy, Florence + The Machine, PJ Harvey, Gutterdämmerung ft. Henry Rollins, Jake Bugg, Skunk Anansie, The Kooks, Wilco, Django Django and many more!