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Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum in Zagreb

The Archaeological Museum in Zagreb has over 450 000 varied artifacts and monuments, gathered from various sources but mostly Croatia and from the surroundings of Zagreb. The museum contains monuments from the Greek and Roman periods, and the nearby park is an active excavation site of the Roman town of Andautonia.

The Archaeological Museum consists of five main sections: Prehistory, Egypt, Antiquity, Middle Ages, Coins and Medals.

While looking through Prehistory artifacts you can see they're ranging from the Paleolithic to the Late Iron Age. In section Egypt you can view about 600 objects in its permanent exhibition. While section Antiquity contains important collection of stones with inscriptions and Greek vases, it also contains many metal objects, statues and military equipment found in excavations in various Croatian regions during the Roman Empire. The numismatic section is among the largest collections of this type in Europe.

Some of the famous artifacts that you can see in Archaeological museum include: Vučedol dove, Liber Linteus, mummy with the longest Etruscan inscription in existence and Lumbarda Psephisma, stone inscription detailing the founding of ancient Greek colony on the Korčula Island.

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