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Annual Exhibition of Croatian Association of Artists members

Croatian Association of Fine Artists cordially invites You to the Summer Exhibition Thursday with 3 exhibition openings.

This Thursday, August 3rd, 2017 at 20.00 in the Gallery of the Ring of the House of Croatian Artists a group exhibition will be opened, entitled Annual Exhibition of members of HDLU (Croatian Association of Artists).

The annual exhibition of members is a revue exhibition that, according to its long tradition, presents the public with an insight into the current production achieved in all disciplines; From classic to new media.

For the last two years, the Board of Directors of the Association has been trying to redesign and transform the Annual Exhibition. As in the previous two years and at the next Annual Exhibition, they decided to invite members who have been conducting independent exhibitions or art projects in renowned museum and gallery institutions in the Republic of Croatia and abroad in the past year. The society pays special attention to the winners of the annual awards of HDLU, emphasizing the importance of this recognition. Along with them, they decided to focus on newcomers and to present them not only to the cultural public but also to the other members of Association's common society.

Invited authors are Slavomir Drinković, Stjepan Gračan, Igor Grubić, Helga Goran, Luka Kedžo, Niko Mihaljević, Lav Paripović, Pavle Pavlović, Goran Rakić Chez, Maja Rožman, Miran Šabić,Goran Škofić and Vlasta Žanić.

Along with the Annual Exhibition of HDLU members, Westdeutscher Kunstlerbund's (WKB) exhibition Expanding photography, and Silvia Maria Grossmann’s exhibition Spaces between land, water, and sky will be opened.

Exhibition openings will be accompanied by concert performance at 9 pm with Reinhard Süss (composer and E-Piano), Tanja Süss (cello) and Theresa Hajni (clarinet) and reading from Wolfgang Bleier (with Sead Muhamedagić’s translation) at Club HDLU.